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TRSAR Dog Team


The Team

Greg and Chill

Chill is a five year old purebred Australian Shepherd, blue merle and white in color.

Chill's specialty is motivation and speed.

He loves dragging his handler under three foot high scrub and manzanita.

His handler is 6'3", and often gets left behind.

Jim and Lewis

A eleven year old Labrador/Queensland mix, Lewis is yellow with red highlights.

Lewis' specialty is refind/recall and method.

Lewis is known for barking when he finds his subject, and for arguing loudly with his handler when he doesn't approve of what is going on.

Susan and Ringo

Ringo is a six year old Aussie/Hound mix (possibly Catahula).

He is blue merle and white, and is the tallest of our dogs.

Ringo's specialty is his smarts.
He is so smart his handler often asks him if he knows what the heck is going on.

Susan and Toulouse

Breeders have often commented on Toulouse possible being a purebred Bluetick Coonhound, but he came from the Payson Humane Society.

He is six years old, and bluetick in color. Toulouse's specialty is his clearing ability, and his superior nose.

He is also the noisiest dog on the team, and will sing on command, or without command

Margaret and Echo

Echo is a three year old Aussie mix who has been working with the team for about two years.  She started out track/trail, but recently has been working in area search.  Margaret is considering working her on cadaver also, which would make her TRSAR's first HRD dog. 



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