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Thank you for your interest in Tonto Rim Search and Rescue (TRSAR). We are an independent nonprofit organization operating under the jurisdiction of the Gila County Sheriffs Office (GCSO). We welcome people from all walks of life, and regardless of your abilities or limitations we will make good use of your positive energy.

Search and Rescue is very rewarding work. To be effective, our members must function as a close-knit team and treat each other with respect. While most of us enjoy good-natured bantering, we have no place for quarrelsome egos. Our sole purpose as a squad is to save lives and ease the suffering of those who need us.

The main requirement of TRSAR members is to give of their time. In addition to our missions, we must participate in training, business meetings, and community service. We also engage in fund-raising activities to support our annual budget. This involves soliciting donations, selling raffle tickets, or seeking contributions in other ways. Currently, we spend about 2-3 times as many hours on fund-raising as we do on missions something you might want to consider before you join the squad. We do not receive any public funding. The annual budget is made up of normal things required to run a non-profit corporation, as well as for the highly specialized rescue and medical gear required on our missions.

To become a member of TRSAR, you must fill out an application and pass a GCSO background check. You must also attend at least 2 consecutive SAR general membership meetings. You will also be interviewed by the TRSAR Board of Directors, then voted for acceptance by the Board and by the general membership.


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