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Recent TRSAR Missions - Fossil Creek 8-10-2010

Photos Below

At approximately 1315 on Tuesday, August 10th, a call-out was made for TRSAR members to assist Pine/Strawberry Fire department with an injured person carryout from the falls area on Fossil Creek. This is about one mile in from the road near the lower trail head. Temperature in the area was in the mid-90's. Pine/Strawberry Fire had responded with a backboard, stokes litter and wheel and were preparing the injured person for transport while administering medical aid when TRSAR members arrived at the falls.

The subject was a young woman who apparently had suffered a painful back injury while jumping into the pool below the falls. The woman's father was with her at the time of the accident and provided a lot of assistance throughout the rescue.

The extent of the subject's injuries was not able to be fully determined, although she suffered a sharp increase in pain whenever the stokes tipped to her left side. Most of the way out there is no prepared trail and the stokes had to be carried over and around many rocks, boulders, washouts, drop-offs, sharp branches, thorny brush, downed trees and finally up steep inclines. TRSAR members always do their best to minimize discomfort to a subject but conditions like these make the task extremely difficult. The subject also complained of nausea and the litter team was prepared to tip the stokes to the subject's right side whenever her nausea became overwhelming. The subject refused medical evacuation by helicopter and chose to be transported out to the west along Fossil Creek road toward Camp Verde in the Pine/Strawberry Fire department ambulance. The mission was completed approximately 1615 hours.



Photos By Jim McMillion-Thanks Jim!

Copyright 2017 Tonto Rim Search and Rescue Squad

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