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Recent TRSAR Missions - Horton Creek Saturday, Oct 09, 2010



Call out to Horton Creek came about 3:00 pm on Saturday to get a wheel and head to Horton Creek in case an injured hiker needed assistance.  Upon arrival at the Horton Creek trailhead, Dep. Cronk stated that the subject was unable to walk and would need a carryout.  Five squad members headed up the trail with the litter and new skinny wheel.  The subject was located 2 miles up the trail and was unable to put any weight on one leg due to a slip and fall he took while fishing.  He was packaged in the litter and carried down the trail.  Two additional squad members walked in and helped with the carryout and a third member arrived later.  The subject was in good spirits during the carryout and all of the TRSAR members worked hard to get him out safely.  We were back to the trailhead by 6:30 pm.
This mission was our first where the new skinny wheel was used.  The main difference is the skinny wheel is a rougher ride for the subject and should probably not be used with head, neck, back trauma or major bone breaks.

Kathy 558

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