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Recent TRSAR Missions - Whispering Pines - 6/25/2010


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Four year old Boy reported missing at 11:30 am south of the Control road just west of Whispering Pines.  The young  boy was last seen at 4:30 am when he was asleep.  When the adults woke up at 9:30 am, he was missing.. 

Tonto Rim Search and Rescue personnel started arriving on scene at 12:30.  It took approx. 2 hours to find the young boys tracks and get a direction of travel. 

DPS Ranger Helicopter responded and shortly found the boy peeking out from under a tree as the helicopter flew overhead.  There were Tonto Forest Service Hot Shot crews in the area looking also. 

After the subject was located the Hot Shot crew were first to reach him.  Tonto Rim Personnel linked up with the Hot Shot crew and transported the boy to his fathers camp. 

The little boy was in good shape.  Tired, thirsty and hungry, but otherwise fine. 

When his father first held the boy when reaching camp,  the boy told his Dad, "I don't ever want to go camping again."  He repeated that several times. 

There was a very good turnout from Tonto Rim Search and Rescue and a very happy ending.

Photos by Gary Morris

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Below Photos by Jim McMillion

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