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Recent TRSAR Missions - Canyon Rescue  09-02-10

Photos Below

 This was a 12 hour mission - from callout to return to Payson. Started at 10:15 AM Thursday, Sept 2, and most of us returned to Payson around 10:00 to 10:30 PM.

The mission was some canyoneers working through Parker Creek Canyon in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. The canyon consists of a series of rappels, and swimming through pools until you reach a side canyon you can hike out of.

A female on the 4th rappel slipped and got banged up. No serious injuries, but she panicked and simply would not do the last rappel. They had no overnight gear, no lights, little food, and spent the night. Next morning, she still would not go over last rappel, so one of the group went for help.

We hiked a side canyon down, hoping to come out at her level, or maybe above. We came out below, so Anthony Miotto had to climb a rope to get up to subject. Anthony set up secure 2 rope lowering system, and convinced her to go over the edge. We belayed from bottom, and got her down safely.

The canyon is a spectacular 700-800 ft sheer vertical wall, with steep, brush choked egress. We didn't see it, but most of us experienced varying levels of poison oak outbreak during the next few days.


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