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Recent TRSAR Missions - Chevelon Canyon Lake

 Rescue near Chevelon Canyon Lake
8/12/08 Photos by
Dave Pirtle

Subject was in a very remote area of Coconino county. We were about a mile south of the Chevelon Canyon Lake. FS 169 is one of the roads we were on.

At the trail head the altitude was 7,100 ft.  Subject was 600 ft below this with a severely broken ankle. It was determined it would be easier to lower subject to the bottom for a helicopter ride to the hospital. The trail was very steep so rescue members tied a rope to the litter and wheel to belay the subject with a Munter hitch. 

The Munter hitch is simply a set of wraps using a rope or cord around an object, generally a round object like a pipe, pole or more commonly, a carabiner. Its main use is as a friction device for controlling the rate of descent in belay systems.

This was a good effort by all who assisted in the rescue. 


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