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Recent TRSAR Missions - Salome

Salome Canyon Rescue

Call came to Search and Rescue late in the afternoon to go to Salome Canyon Trailhead to assist Tonto Basin Firefighter personnel in a carry out of an injured hiker. 

 It was a little over 2 miles to the bottom of Salome canyon where the canyon walls were  vertical to the edge of Salome Creek.  The subject had been climbing some rock walls above one of the pools of water upstream from the mouth of Salome Canyon.  Rather than climb down to the water the subject decided to jump into a pool of water. 

There was a submerged rock just below the surface of the water that resulted in subject's compound fracture of his Tib / Fib.  DPS Ranger helicopter was called to assist in the rescue.  Daylight was leaving fast and there was an urgency to get the subject to the mouth of the canyon to enable DPS Ranger to longline the subject to command for transfer to a Medivac helicopter.   

SAR was advised the water was very cold and there were several deep pools to be traversed with the subject and only strong swimmers should go upstream. Based on this information, responding TRSAR members decided to remove unnecessary gear and clothing before heading in to the subject. Search and Rescue aided Firefighter medical personnel in bringing subject in a flotation litter down several  pools of water to the mouth of the canyon.

Subject was lifted by DPS Ranger to Command just as it was getting dark.  This was a good, successful effort by all personnel involved.

Photos by Dave Pirtle

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Command post for mission

Rescuers heading down to the
water and up stream

Subject being floated down stream

Subject being floated down stream

Preparing to lift subject to shore

Preparing litter for takeoff

Preparing litter for takeoff

Helicopter taking off.  Subject and
attendant is below and out of shot.

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