In case of emergency, call 911—ask the County Sheriff to dispatch TRSAR.


Technical Ropes Team


The Tonto Rim Search & Rescue Technical Ropes Team specializes in conducting high-angle and technical rope rescue operations in challenging environments. With a focus on safety, experience, and sound foundational skills, we provide critical assistance to individuals in need of rescue from cliffs, steep terrain, and other inaccessible locations.

Here is an overview of what we do and the skills required to be part of our team.

What We Do:

  • High-Angle Rescue Operations: Our team specializes in performing high-angle rope rescue operations in situations where individuals are stranded on cliffs, rock faces, or other steep terrain. We employ advanced rope systems and rigging techniques to safely access, stabilize, and evacuate individuals.
  • Technical Search Operations: We support search efforts by utilizing technical rope systems to access and search challenging terrain inaccessible by conventional means. Our team assists in locating missing persons, evidence, or objects of interest in rugged or remote environments.
  • Training and Education: We provide training and education in technical rope rescue techniques to other search and rescue teams, emergency responders, and organizations. Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of rescue personnel and promote safety and professionalism in rope rescue operations.

Skills Needed:

  • Rope Rescue Training: Members of our team must undergo extensive training in technical rope rescue techniques, including rope systems, rigging, anchoring, and rappelling. This training equips team members with the skills necessary to perform challenging rope rescue operations safely and efficiently.
  • Technical Climbing Skills: Proficiency in technical climbing techniques, including ascending, descending, and traversing on ropes, is essential for performing high-angle rope rescue operations. Team members must be comfortable operating in challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions.
  • Anchoring and Rigging: Expertise in setting up and understanding anchor systems and rigging configurations is crucial for creating stable and secure rope systems during rescue operations. Team members must be able to assess anchor points, calculate forces, and construct rigging setups that can withstand rescue loads.
  • Medical Training: Basic first aid and medical training are essential for providing immediate care to individuals in distress during rope rescue operations. Team members must be prepared to assess injuries, administer first aid, and stabilize patients until further medical assistance arrives.
  • Communication: Clear and effective communication skills are vital for coordinating rescue efforts within the team and communicating with other agencies and emergency responders. Team members must be able to convey instructions, relay information, and coordinate complex rescue operations in high-pressure situations.

To Learn More:

If you are passionate about technical rope rescue, willing to pursue the necessary skills and training, and are committed to excellence in high-angle rescue operations, we welcome you to learn more about our Technical Ropes Team.  Please consider attending a TRSAR General Meeting held the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Payson Library.